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상품명 Go2KA1(Clinically Proven), Diabetes Management
회사명 건풍바이오 제주
대표연락처 064-772-4747
이메일주소 kunpoong@kunpoong.co.kr
회사주소 서울 강서구 강서로 466::우리벤처타운 903
홈페이지 http://kpbio.com


Kunpoong Bio Co., Ltd was formed in 1992 and manufactures enzymatically digested Chitosan Oligosaccharide using a proprietary enzymatic technology. With launching a world-class manufacturing site equipped with state-of-the-art technology in 1997, in addition to Korean market, we managed to successfully enter the global market.
Since entering global market, we now have grown to a leading international producer of Chitosan Oligosaccharide and we are proud to have a production capacity of 200 MT Chitosan Oligosaccharide per annul. Our achievement is not just limited to the sheer size, but also demonstrated by a large number of technological innovations and patents in chitosanoligosaccharide-related field.
Our company responsibility is focused in the development of unique, proprietary and clinically proven functional substances to improve quality of life. We commit ourselves to improve life for citizens of the globe. We are exporting to 15 countries, including the U.S., Japan, Taiwan, Malaysia, Italy, Slovenia etc. and are proud to have 18 patents relevant to our products.

Go2KA1(Clinically Proven)
Diabetes Management

Go2KA1 Benefits
• Clinically tested in human clinical trials that demonstrated both short-term and long-term blood super management benefits
• Multiple mechanisms demonstrated in pre-clinical as well as clinical trial research including:
1. Carb control via inhibition of alpha-glucosidase enzyme
2. Enhanced insulin sensitivity